Kita sekarang sedang menyaksi satu PESTA dalam TV3! Satu pesta pada tiap tiap malam dimana UMNO mencipta reka cerita dan memutarbelit fakta fakta yang bertujuan untuk memburuk burukkan barisan alternatif! Mentang mentang TV3 milik mereka, habis disalahgunakan stesen TV ini untuk menyampaikan propaganda propaganda mereka! Tidak ADIL dan keji!! Sungguh meloyakan! Rakyat Malaysia berbangsa Cina pun sudah sedar tektik tektik kotor UMNO ini. Kerana tak tahan dengan propaganda propaganda UMNO, ramai di antara mereka sekarang membeli dan membaca HARAKAH! 

They are trying to create doubts in the minds of the voters, berkata seorang pengundi berbangsa Cina. It is very obvious that UMNO is playing dirty. UMNO is using filthy tactics, twisting facts to fish votes and it abuses the media to promote its agenda! TV3 is being abused at the whims and fancies of its master, UMNO! Its going to be an UNFAIR election. Most definitely, tegas pengundi berbangsa Cina ini lagi. 

Seorang lagi pengundi berbangsa Cina pula menambah, this fact twisting and the abuse of TV3 is expected since the PM himself has said that this coming election is going to be the dirtiest in history and we are beginning to witness all these!! It is UMNO which dirties the election! This is a classic example of someone who is already DESPERATE and who will not hesitate to use whatever tactics that are available. Just to remain in power!! We don’t think PAS is really that bad as potrayed by UMNO. Afterall, if Islamic laws are being implemented, from the little that we know about Islamic laws, Guan Eng for sure, would not have landed in jail!! 

Seorang peniaga berbangsa Cina yang lain pula berkata, the stakes are so big. KILLED OR BE KILLED! So, it is not surprising they are using all these dirty tactics! If these fail, what else will they do? Jawab pula seorang ahli korporat berbangsa Cina, you can guess what they are going to do. They will create some incidents which will lead to racial tension. A good excuse for them to declare emergency!! What is there to stop them from creating such incidents since they have the resources and government departments such as the police, are under their control. At the rate things are happening, don’t ever be surprised that such a thing will actually happen. So, you should know who the culprits are who created all these!! 

Seorang ahli Gerakan pula menambah, this is democracy ala Mahathir. His dirty tactics are now very revealing. He keeps mentioning and reminding about the 13 May incident just to frighten we Chinese! When are we going to be united as Malaysians if a leader like him continues to split the various races?? How can Chinese, Malays, Indians, Kadazans, Dayaks continue to live in harmony when the PM and UMNO are not SINCERE in promoting racial harmony? Looks like parti keADILan is a better bet than UMNO! We are seriously doubting the sincerity of UMNO now!! 

Seorang peniaga berbangsa Cina yang lain pula berkata, we help to build this country. The various races are now tolerant of each other and beginning to understand better one another but Mahathir and UMNO are out to DESTROY all these! They are creating suspicions and unneccessary tensions among the Chinese and Malays. Same story each time ada election and yet he wants the Chinese support! Now we hear he is going to China before the elections. It is a last ditch effort to woo Chinese votes! We are not fools! He thinks the Chinese can be easily taken for a ride! Not this time! Infront of him or Tun Daim or the MCA, of course we show and promise our support but come voting time, our votes are secret!! There will definitely not be a repeat of 1995! 

Apabila kita dengar komen komen macam ini dari rakan rakan berbangsa Cina, terasa lega satu macam. Rakyat Malaysia berbangsa Cina pun tak mudah diperdaya dan diperbodohkan. Mereka tahu undi mereka penting. Selama ini orang orang Cina pandai mengundi…seperti orang orang Melayu Kelantan. Moga moga kali ini orang orang Melayu di negeri negeri lain akan sedar dan lebih pandai dan memberi undi mereka kepada barisan alternatif! Lagi pun sekarang terlampau banyak sangat isu yang boleh mengturnoverkan pengundi pengundi Melayu! Terlampau banyak! Marilah kita berusaha lagi mengturnoverkan pengundi pengundi. Insyaallah, dengan usaha gigih kita yang diberkati oleh Allah swt, kemenangan pasti memihak pada BARISAN ALTERNATIF yang berdiri atas dasar KEBENARAN, KEADILAN dan KEJUJURAN!!